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4 Hidden Dangers of Garage Door Installation and Repair

Published on May 25th, 2017

It’s easy to forget that the garage door you use every day could present a real danger to your safety if it is not installed and maintained properly. U.S. Congress passed safety standards in 1990 to deal with this very issue. While things have improved, garage door installation in Cicero is not something to be overlooked. Consider that most garage doors weigh around 200 pounds and the torsion springs they operate on are under an immense amount of pressure.

To help make you aware of the dangers inherent in garage doors, we’ve compiled a list of the top four hazards.

  1. DIY Torsion Spring repair

As we mentioned, garage doors weigh around 200 pounds, but these doors can weigh much more. Depending on the materials and insulation, they can be well over 300 pounds. The torsion spring is what holds that weight up. When that spring, which is metal, snaps or breaks, the results can be explosive and very dangerous. That’s why it’s best to leave installation and repair to the pros.

  1. Improper garage door installation

Garage door installation in Cicero and elsewhere is extremely important. The measures that were passed by Congress to improve garage door safety required advanced censors. These censors prevent the garage door from crushing anyone or anything, but when installed incorrectly, they leave you and your family in danger.

  1. Lack of maintenance

The torsion spring in your garage door might be a ticking time bomb, and if you’re not checking it, you could be in danger. The International Door Association (IDA) recommends conducting a visual inspection of the springs, rollers, pulleys, cables, and tracks each month. The inspection only takes a few minutes and will prevent injuries.

  1. Failure to test the garage

The best way to prevent yourself from being a victim of poor garage door installation in Cicero or anywhere else is to test the garage door. You can ensure your garage door reverses when it’s supposed to by trying to hold the garage door as it closes.

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