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What To Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Published on July 21st, 2017

A garage door that won’t open can be extremely frustrating. You may be tempted to crash on through, but don’t let the frustration get the best of you. Here are some types to help troubleshoot the situation when a garage door won’t open. Be sure to contact your garage door repair Arlington Heights IL company ASAP for assistance if your garage door won’t open. Do not do any heavy lifting on your own or use any machinery you are not familiar with.

  1. Make sure the door is not in “lock” mode when it won’t respond to the remote from the outside of your home. Often, people use this feature when they are going on vacation. Lock mode must be unlocked from the wall control inside of the garage.
  2. Check the remote battery. The remote battery is often the number one reason a garage door will not open. Walk into the garage holding the remote in your hand. Press the button as you observe a blinking red light on the box where the chain enters and exits. If the door opens as you get very close to the box, and fails as you back away, the battery is low. When you do not see any blinking light at all, the battery is dead. Stand another the box, however, somewhere that you can still see the top. If you can see that the red light on top is blinking, it means that the battery is good and the problem exists somewhere else.
  3. Check the door’s electrical eye. Just a few inches off the floor of the garage on one side of the track, there are two small boxes that aim a beam across the floor at each other. If there is an interrupted to the beam or it won’t align, the door may not work at all. Use a tissue to clean both eyes. If the garage door still won’t budge once cleaned, the eyes may be misaligned.

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If your garage door is not opening and you are in need of an emergency repair contact Robert’s Garage Door Professionals immediately. Our garage door repair Arlington Heights IL team is available 24 hours. Call us today at (773) 358-1110.

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