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Preparing Your Garage for the Winter

Published on September 24th, 2019

Unfortunately, Chicago’s frigid winter months are right around the corner, meaning it’s almost time to prepare for winter and bring out the hats, mittens and parkas. Another important way to prepare for winter is by getting your garage ready for the cold weather. In order to avoid untimely garage door repair in Chicago, and simply to make your life easier, here are some good ways to prepare your garage for the winter.

Rotate Seasonal Items

In order to make your winter more convenient, take some time to push summer items such as your lawnmower and gardening tools to the back of the garage. Bring your winter essentials such as shovels, salt, and the snowblower to a spot that’s more accessible.

Create A Drop-off Zone

If your garage is attached to your home, set up a drop zone near the entrance to your house for boots, bags, jackets, etc, so you don’t track mud, snow and ice through your house.

Check Liquids

It’s a good idea to take some of the fluids from summertime projects, such as paint, weed killer and wood stain, out of the garage for the winter. Consider moving these liquids from the garage to the basement in order to avoid freezing.

Seal Cracks

Check for cracks, both inside and outside of the garage. During the winter months, pests are looking to get out of the cold, too. If you need help keeping your garage pest-proof in the winter, contact your Chicago garage door repair specialists.

Check Your Garage Door

Make sure your garage door opener is running properly. Be sure to lubricate moving metal parts and check the door regularly for signs of ice.

For more information on how to keep your garage door both looking and functioning its best, contact your Chicago garage door repair specialists at Robert’s Garage Doors.

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