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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Published on February 20th, 2017

Are your cars the only thing that seems to fit in your garage these days? Spring cleaning time could not have come soon enough for you. It is time to clean out the clutter and establish some organized dedicated areas for all of the items in your garage. As your garage door repair Arlington Heights IL company, we know a thing or two about garage organization. We have created a list of some tips to help you with your spring cleaning project so you can enjoy your garage for seasons to come.

Create Storage Space

Your garage is a great place for storing items you don’t have room for in your home like recycled goods, large pantry items, and newspapers. The first step to creating a storage space in your garage is to create a recycling station and a spare pantry. Get bids for plastic, metal, and glass containers, plus a wire basket for newspapers. If you have an old filing cabinet, use that as an extra pantry in your garage. Keep a clipboard on the door with a magnet to keep track of your inventory.

The Tool Wall

Is your garage overflowing with random tools? Tools are much easier to find when they are kept in place. Create a space by marking outlines of each tool on a wall in your garage or above a workbench. Hang your tools, and carefully trace each tool with a pencil. Once you are happy with the silhouette go over the pencil lines with markers.

Store Sporting Equipment

As a garage door repair Arlington Heights IL company, we have seen many garages filled with sporting equipment. Storing sporting equipment seems to be a common difficulty for families. One of our clients discovered this great technique that works really well. Take an old dresser or pine storage chest. Purchase metal bids that will fit inside the drawers (typically 2 or 3 per drawer). Organize the metal bids by family member or by sport.

Want more garage tips? Check out our blog. As your local family-owned garage door repair Arlington Heights IL company, we understand how important it is for a garage to be clean, organized, and properly functioning.

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