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Top Reasons Your Garage Door Is Not Working

Published on June 24th, 2016

As garage door professionals that repair doors of all makes, models and sizes, we have come across just about every type of garage door malfunction. In fact, a large part of our business is helping people who are stuck inside or outside of their garage and are in need of immediate service. It is not uncommon that we receive a phone call early in the morning of someone trying to head out for work or bring their children to school, and they realize their garage door will not open. To help you troubleshoot your problem,  below are common reasons your garage door may not be working properly:

  1. Dead Batteries: Often times, people forget that their transmitter requires power to work. Even if you know the source of the dead batteries, check all power sources because often times you will have installed them on the same day.
  2. Track Is Misaligned: Your garage door track being out of alignment is a serious issue. If you are seeing gaps between the rollers and rail or bends in the rail, you are in need of professional help. Your garage door will not open when alignment problems are present.
  3. Garage Door Opening/Closing At Random: Is your garage door opening and closing at odd times? Make sure that your transmitters are not stuck under something that can depress the control mechanism. Next, check your transmitter’s frequency. It could be possible that a neighbor may have the same frequency and is opening your garage with their own.
  4. Garage Half Closes And Then Reopens: Garage doors are designed to prevent crushing objects in their path. When a garage door will only close part way and then reopen, this is usually caused by objects on the ground blocking the path. Check to make sure all garbage cans, toys, cars, etc. are clear from the garage door path.
  5. Door Won’t Go Up: Did you know that your garage door springs do most of the work? If a spring is broken, the garage door opener may struggle to lift the weight of the door or fail to open the door at all.
  6. Garage Door Closes Quick And With A Bang: If your garage door is closing very quickly and making a loud noise, you could have a broken tension spring or broken cables. The best resolution for this scenario is to call a professional such as Robert’s Garage Doors.

Our team at Robert’s Garage Doors is available 7 days a week to help you with all your garage repair needs. Our expert team of well educated, responsible young men will get the job done quickly, and for a price that can not be beat.

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