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Broken Garage Door Cable Replacement in Chicago

If Your Garage Door Cable Breaks – Call Robert’s Garage Door Professionals!

Garage doors come in various designs and sizes, and your garage door is far heavier than you might expect. It probably weighs between 200 to 500 pounds, and the cables that are part of every garage door are vital to its operation.

Garage Door Cables – How Do They Work?

When you open or close your garage door, the springs that are part of the mechanism help counterbalance the door’s weight. That enables you or the garage door opener to move the door up or down.

These springs are under tremendous tension, and if one breaks the recoil, potentially, could cause severe property damage or personal injury. The cables that run through the springs are there to prevent broken springs from recoiling. And the type of cable in your door depends on the spring that’s used.

  • Lift cables – These cables are attached to the bottom corners of the door and routed upward to to the torsion spring mounted above the garage door.
  • Retaining cables – These cables are used in garage doors that have vertical extension springs mounted on the left and right sides of the door. The cables run through the springs and are designed to prevent broken springs from flying across the garage.

Cable Failure

Garage door cables are made up of strands of smaller cables and are extremely strong, flexible and durable. Over time, however, with repeated daily use, normal wear and tear can sometimes cause them to fray and break.

In addition to the strain of frequent daily use, things like moisture and corrosion, improper track alignment, and damaged pulley bearings can cause cables to break.

Depending on its location, you might not initially be aware of a broken cable, but the chances are signs of trouble will quickly appear. Indications of a cable snap include a door lifting unevenly or too rapidly, or it might make loud squeaking noises. And if you try to open it manually, you may not be able to move it at all.

Garage Door Repair in Skokie, IL

How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Cable – Call Robert’s Garage Door Professionals

If you’re a DIY kind of person, you may be tempted to try to replace a broken cable yourself, but we don’t recommend that. In the process, you might damage other parts of the door’s mechanism, and given the power of the door’s springs, you might even injure yourself.

It’s far better to call in the expert cable repair and replacement technicians from Robert’s Garage Door Professionals. At Robert’s we’re a family-owned enterprise employing technicians who have been thoroughly trained by our owner, Robert.

We take great pride in providing the very best garage door repair and replacement services in Chicago, and our technicians are available 24/7. So, no matter the day or the time, contact the experts at Robert’s Garage Door Professionals for the very best cable and other repair and replacement services.

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