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Commercial Parking Gate Systems: Automatic Gates for Chicago Businesses

Robert’s Garage Door Professionals does more than just garage doors. We also have the expertise to install or repair manual and automatic gates for your Chicago business.

As partial as we are to garages, we know that they aren’t always the best storage solution. Although our commercial garage doors are competitively priced, the cost of building an actual garage simply isn’t worth the added protection for some business owners. But just because you don’t have a garage, you don’t that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your vehicles.

Automated commercial parking gate systems allow you to fence off your parking lot while providing easy access to your employees and/or customers. Depending on your needs, we can install a system that grants access via a keypad, remotes, or a variety of other options.

Even if you own a parking garage, gates might still make more sense than a full garage door. While gates won’t provide the same protection from the elements that garage doors will, they’re usually much more affordable. Plus, they’re every bit as effective when it comes to managing which vehicles have access to your lot (and which have the freedom to leave).

At Robert’s Garage Door Professionals, we have decades of experience installing and repairing all types of automated parking lot gates, grilles, rolling steel doors, and swing open gates. All gate repairs and installations are completed by Robert, Benjamin, and/or Jack Faught.

In addition to our unstoppable trio of gate prodigies (The Faught brothers), we have a team of talented welders that can repair or build anything metal. Plus, we’ve repaired and replaced so many parking gates in Chicago that we have a stockpile of replacement parts that are normally next to impossible to source.

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The Importance of Parking Gates for Commercial Lot

If you own a business, you may not think of your parking as one of the most important aspects of your operation. Most business owners don’t put much thought into their parking lot at all. But if you do think about it, you’ll realize just how important it is.

Your parking lot is typically the first and last thing your customers will notice every time they visit your location. Similarly, it’s the first and last thing your employees and suppliers will see on their way in and out of your business. With that in mind, don’t you think you owe it to your business to put at least a little thought into making a good first (and last) impression?

We can help you install professional and secure commercial parking gate systems for your business. Give us a call today at 773-906-1556 for a free estimate or simply to discuss your gate options.

Protect Your Property

A securely installed parking gate helps protect everyone who interacts with your business. For customers, employees, and suppliers, these gates provide security both during and after business hours and help to streamline access for visitors involved with your business.

With our security gates, you can restrict your lot (or a section of it) to only employees. Doing so will protect them from passersby and ensure that they always have a place to park. Plus, several automated gate systems provide sophisticated access control. So you could even provide suppliers access to your parking facility for deliveries when you aren’t around.

Reduce Liability

Aside from professionally installed and maintained facilities, securing your parking lot is one of the best ways to reduce liability for your business. In many cases, our legal system will hold you responsible for accidents, vandalism, and other crimes that occur in your parking lot. And a poorly installed or dated parking gate can be used to show that your business was negligent in providing adequate protection.

Increase Your Business Property Value

A secured parking lot has the potential to significantly improve your property value. An attractive, new, and secure parking gate can greatly improve the appearance of your business, allowing you to justify a higher asking price if you’re looking to sell.

Aside from the practicality of a secure parking gate, there are hundreds of gate styles to choose from when you choose Roberts Garage Doors. So we’re sure to have one that will perfectly match the aesthetic of your business.

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