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Robert’s Garage Door Professionals also provides expert motorized parking gate and overhead rolling grille services.

We have a lot of experience installing and repairing all types of automated parking lot gates, grilles,rolling steel doors, and swing open gates. All gate repairs and installations are completed by Robert, Benjamin, and/or Jack Faught.

In addition to our unstoppable trio of gate prodigies (The Faught brothers), we have a team of awesome welders that can repair or build anything metal. We have repaired so many gates, that we currently have a stockpile of replacement parts that are normally very difficult to find.

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Importance of Parking Gates in Your Commercial Lot

If you own a business, your parking lot is likely not one of the most important aspects of your operation, and maybe you haven’t even put much thought into it. However, your parking lot is most likely the beginning and endpoint of every customer’s visit, your employee’s workday, and all supplier’s deliveries. In addition to garage door installation in Lincoln Park, at Roberts Garage Doors, we can help you install professional and secure parking gates for your business.

Protect Your Property

A securely installed parking gate helps protect everyone who interacts with your business. For customers, employees, and suppliers, these gates provide security both during and after business hours and help to streamline access for visitors involved with your business.  If applicable, a section of your parking lot can be restricted to only employees, protecting them from passersby and ensuring they will always have a parking spot at work.

Reduce Liability

Aside from professionally installed and maintained facilities, such as garage door installation in Lincoln Park, one of the best ways to reduce liability for your business is to secure your parking lot. If you own a parking lot with your business, there’s a possibility you can be held responsible by courts for vandalism, accidents, or crime that occurs within your parking lot. A poorly-installed or old parking gate is a common point for showing the negligence of your business.

Increase Your Business Property Value

A secured parking lot has the potential to significantly improve your property value. An attractive, new, and secure parking gate can greatly improve the appearance of your business and be a better option for those looking to purchase a property. Aside from the practicality of a secure parking gate, there are hundreds of gate styles to choose from when you choose Roberts Garage Doors.

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