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Why is My Garage Door Squeaking?

Published on June 10th, 2020

At Roberts Garage Door Professionals, your leading provider of garage door repair in Lincoln Park and surrounding neighborhoods, we know many things can cause garage doors to squeak. Here are six common causes and some suggested solutions.

1 Out of alignment

An out-of-alignment door could be caused by worn parts or parts incorrectly installed, rubbing against each other and creating that squeaking noise. The solution is to have one of our certified garage door technicians properly align your door.

2 Malfunctioning chain

When the chain on a garage door opener malfunctions, it’s usually due to missing or broken links. If you see no damage, try applying WD 40 or something similar to the chain and track – but not grease. If that doesn’t work, call us for a professional inspection.

3 Warped sheave wheels or loose rollers

If the sheave wheels are dented, bent, or warped, or the stem connected to the rollers is loose, the door movement will be skewed, creating metal-on-metal friction and noise. To resolve this, have one of our professionals replace the warped wheels or loose rollers.

4 Rusted nuts and bolts

Rusted nuts and bolts along with the frame, track, or chain are common sources of squeaking. Try WD 40, and if that doesn’t work, the rusted parts should be replaced.

5 Accumulated debris

Debris can get stuck in the track, rollers or chain, preventing smooth movement and creating squeaks. Go over all parts with a stiff-bristled brush to remove debris.

6 Broken track

If any part of the track is broken, cracked or splintered, the door will squeak, and the track must be repaired or replaced.

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