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High-Quality, Durable Garage Doors Installed in Chicago

Robert’s Garage Door Professionals sells and installs new garage doors of all types, sizes, and colors.

I always provide free estimates, usually price out multiple options, and will always make sure you’re more that 100% satisfied with the end result. I can provide same day, detailed proposals by phone, email, or fax.

Most of our new doors include a 5 year warranty on all parts and labor. Below you’ll see some examples of our work. Although most of these pictures are of commercial work, 75% of our business is residential.

You will not find higher quality work, for any price, period. You certainly will not find higher quality workmanship for a lower price than we will quote. Most of our service and repair business is actually repairing doors that were poorly installed from the beginning.

Just as important as the price and quality of the door, is the quality of the workmanship. Many people try to save money by purchasing the door from Home Depot or Menards and either installing it themselves, or hiring their handyman to install it.Do not be fooled. This approach will always end up costing you more. Installing a garage door properly goes far beyond just reading the instructions. There are so many little tricks we can do to make a door run optimally, I could write a book on the subject.

We have access to, and have experience with all major garage door brands. I usually recommend using Door Link and C.H.I. brand garage doors because they are the best value, when compared to other manufacturer’s. C.H.I. and Door Link use slightly heavier gauge steel on both the interior and exterior of their doors.

Residential Garage Doors Lincoln ParkThe springs, cables, rollers, and hinges are also far superior to most other brands being marketed in Chicago. Potential customers should feel confident that we’ll help find the best option for their needs, at a price at or below their budget.

We are always excited to compete for your business, call us for a free same day estimate!

The people who spend a lot of time comparing and shopping around usually purchase their door from me.

Check out Door Link’s line of new residential garage doors here.

We have just about every style, size, and color garage door in stock and ready for installation. Turnaround time is less than you may think. Call me now, and I’ll install your new door within 24 hours. No extra charge for emergency service


Emergency Repair Work

You have a sudden problem with the garage door - contact us!

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