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A lot of people aren’t aware garage doors require regular maintenance in order to keep them functioning properly and also to eliminate any safety issues. Our technicians have been called upon numerous times to evaluate garage door injuries. Garage doors come in many variations. People use them for various reasons that include basic security of an area or even cosmetic concealment. Most of the doors can be divided into a few categories.

Residential Garage Doors Arlington Heights, IL

For residential use in Arlington Heights, IL, the most common type of garage door we install is of the overhead variety. Like every other model, these can be custom made per the client’s requirements or you can choose to buy a pre-fabricated kit.

Commercial Garage Doors Arlington Heights, IL

In contrast, commercial warehouses usually require heavy-duty garage doors, since safety is a much bigger concern. For commercial purposes, the roll up garage doors are a popular choice because they can be manufactured with a variety of materials, some of which can be as strong as a brick wall.

A Variety of Garage Door Options in Arlington Heights, IL

There are also other types of garage doors available, which include aluminum and sectional panel garage doors. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you have a damaged door that needs repair or if you prefer to get a replacement, let us know! We are a well-known garage door repair and installation service based in Arlington Heights IL. Roberts Garage Door Professionals promise to deliver a top-notch service accompanied by an unbeatable rate.

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