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Roberts Garage Door Professionals carries and recommends Liftmaster garage door openers.

While we will install or service any make or model of Garage Door Opener, We have found that Liftmaster makes the highest quality opener backed with the best warranty in the Industry. We have built our reputation on providing the highest quality equipment, our partnership with Liftmaster garage door openers ensures our reputation will last for a long time to come.

1345 – 1/3 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Dependability combined with reliability is what you’ll get with the LiftMaster® 1345/46 1/3 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener. Its durable 1/3 HP motor and strong chain drive provide continual steady performance. Part of the Contractor Series, it is the choice for value and reliability.

240 – 1/2 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

The 3240 1/2 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener is smooth-running, even in the most extreme temperatures, and is the perfect choice if you want the latest advancements in smooth-running performance with a completely maintenance-free drive system. Our engineers replaced the two-piece plastic liner and aluminum rail system with a stronger, simpler one-piece galvanized steel rail, resulting in reduced friction and eliminating binding and the need for lubrication. And the 1/2 HP motor is equipped with our patented Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) to reduce noise and provide smooth operation year after year.

3280 – 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Model 3280 delivers smooth-running power and reliability from its belt drive, which is as tough as a steel-belted tire. It is perfect for homes with living space above the garage. Part of the Premium Series, it sets the standard in quality and performance.

This is one of our most popular silent running garage door openers.

3595 – 3/4 HP Carriage House Garage Door Opener

You’ve got carriage house or custom-designed solid wood garage doors, and we’ve got the dependable 3/4 horsepower heavy-duty garage door opener to lift them. The LiftMaster® 3595 3/4 HP Heavy-Duty Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is one of the only three professionally-installed garage door openers with 3/4 horsepower strength. Designed to lift even the heaviest custom garage doors, it has a rugged I-beam rail and chassis support bracket, and offers a 2-speed dual sprocket customizable to door requirements. Our patented MVIS® (Motor Vibration Isolation System) also makes it the quietest chain drive on the market.

3800 – DC Motor Residential Jackshaft Opener

Model 3800 offers an ultra-quiet, space-saving, wall-mounted design.
Specially designed for garages and unique applications that don’t allow for a traditional garage door opener, such as garages with very low, cathedral or obstructed ceilings.


Robert’s Garage Doors sells, professionally installs, and services nearly every brand and style of residential garage door and operator.

We have hundreds of doors and openers in stock and available for same or next day installation.

Weather you’re looking for something economical that will perform for decades, or a custom colored thermal insulated door that brings your home to the next level, we will make your project as easy as a walk in the park.

Our team of expert staff and installers will take pleasure in helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We provide free estimates, long term warranties, low prices, and professional workmanship that is second to none.

Call us today. We would love to compete for your business!


Things to consider when shopping for a new garage door:


Price is always an important factor, but it’s not the only factor. It’s always important to know your budget when looking into any major purchase. Make sure to have a realistic range to work within that includes both a high-end and even a low-end amount you are willing to spend.


Trying to decide on a look that best fits your home is probably going to be the hardest decision of all. If you’ve set a budget, it will help to narrow down some choices. Looking at garage doors in your alley and neighborhood is a great way to give you ideas and perspective. Our technicians are always happy to explain options and are happy to provide recommendations and insight.


The most common and readily available colors are:

  • White, Brown, Sandstone, Almond, Grey, Forest Green, and Desert Tan.

We can also have most doors finished with a high-quality powder coat in nearly any imaginable color.

Insulation and R. Value:

Once you’ve decided on a style of door, the next step is deciding if you want the door to be insulated or not. With drastic climate changes in most of the country, it is typically a good idea to insulate a garage door to help keep some sort of temperature control within your garage. If your garage is attached to your home, an insulated door will almost always reduce your heating and cooling costs. Upgrading to an insulated door may pay for itself in energy savings alone.

Insulation rating / R-value:

Most styles of residential garage doors are available in 4 different levels insulation value / R-value.

A door with a high R-value will:

  • Regulate the temperature of your garage and home, reducing your heating and cooling costs (if you have an attached garage)
  • Dampen noise / sound and can make your home quieter and more protected from noises outside.
  • Generally be more durable, dent resistant, quiet when operating, and secure than doors with lower R-value ratings.

The 4 common levels of door quality / R-value are:

  • Non-insulated (least expensive) R-0
  • Vinyl-backed insulated.
  • Steel-backed insulated.
  • Thermal steel-backed insulated.(most expensive)

Reliability / Life expectancy:

  • Most people are not aware that many of the mechanical components of a garage door (Springs, Rollers, Hinges, Bearings, etc..) have a predictable and calculable life expectancy.
  • All of the doors we install will include high quality hardware for the quietest, smoothest, and most reliable operation.
  • Most of the doors we sell come standard hardware that is rated for 2.5 times the life expectancy of normal hardware.
  • We want our customers to think of us every time their door successfully opens or closes without a single squeak!


Maintenance is generally minimal if you have a steel or fiberglass door. No door is absolutely maintenance-free however. All steel doors we sell include a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Wood garage doors need to be treated and stained every few years to prevent them from soaking up moisture, fading, rotting, and de-laminating.

We suggest having your garage door professionally tuned, balanced and oiled at least once every two years. Scheduling a maintenance visit will enable us to test all safety and reversing devices and spot potential problems before they happen. A carefully tuned and well maintained door should run nearly silently and should run reliably on the hottest and coldest days of the season.

The most common doors we sell can be seen in great detail by clicking any of the links below:

C.H.I. Raised Panel Doors Chicago

C.H.I. Raised panel doors

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Flush Panel Doors Lincoln Park

C.H.I. Flush panel doors

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Recessed Panel Doors Logan Square

C.H.I. Recessed panel doors

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Steel Carriage House Style Doors Hyde Park

C.H.I. Steel carriage house style doors

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Carriage House Style Doors Lakeview

C.H.I. Carriage house style doors

(Steel, Fiberglass or Wood Veneers)

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High definition photographic exterior door Skokie

C.H.I. High definition photographic exterior door

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Things To consider when shopping for a new garage door operator.

Robert’s Garage Doors sells, repairs and professionally installs nearly every make and model of garage door operator available. We’ve listed the features of the two most popular models we sell to give you an idea of whats out there.

Liftmaster Model #8065

  • This is the most popular model we sell since it’s economical, but high-quality.
  • The 8065 is a 1/2 horsepower chain driven opener that has an life expectancy of more than 15 years.
  • This chain driven model runs very quietly, but it’s not 100% silent.
  • The 8065 is perfect for detached garages where reliability, security, safety, and cost are the main concerns.
  • The 8065 is strong enough to lift almost any residential door but does not have all of the “bells and whistles” available with the more expensive models.

Download PDF

Liftmaster Model #8550W

  • This is the second most popular garage door opener we sell.
  • The 8550W is a 3/4 horsepower belt driven opener that runs silently and with nearly zero vibration.
  • The Liftmaster 8550W can be easily synced to most smartphones to operate and monitor your door from anywhere in the world. This is undoubtedly the best residential operator available anywhere.

Download PDF

This model has a long list of features including:

Battery backup system that will enable the door to run for more than an average week with no power. Auto close timer that can be conveniently adjusted and deactivated from the wall button. Built in internet gateway for use with smartphones and Liftmaster app. This model begins opening and closing the door slowly with high torque, and speeds up once the door has gained momentum. This reduces the strain on the motor and gearing and also reduces noise and vibration. Digital display on wall station that can identify problems or abnormalities and provides instructions on how to correct them.

All new Liftmaster operators include:

  • 2 remotes.
  • New safety eyes / photoelectric reversing devices.
  • Interior mounted wall station.
  • All new wiring, which we always install perfectly straight, with no twists for an ultra clean and professionally done appearance.
  • Option to link to a smart phone or computer with the optional and additional “internet gateway” device.
  • New operator bracket, j-bar and manual use / disengage handle.
  • Professional installation.
  • 3+ year warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor.

Additional hardware for Liftmaster models include:

  • Extra remotes.
  • Wireless keypads
  • Auto-close timer.
  • High-memory receivers for use with unlimited number of remotes.


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