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Steel Roll-up Garage Door Installation in Chicago

Robert’s Garage Door Professionals installs springless, direct-drive Steel Ranger™ high-performance doors, both high and low-speed models.

The Steel Ranger™ Series of high-performance rolling steel doors is the perfect replacement for old-fashioned rolling steel doors that are cycled several times per hour. The panel color matches our standard Speed-Guardian™ 5000 Series RAL 9006, making it easy to coordinate the two products into one building design.

Benefits of the Steel Ranger™ Series of Springless Garage Doors

  • Fast and efficient operation: With a rapid opening speed of 45 in/s, the Steel Ranger™ 9000 L and 9000 LH models can open and close up to 5½ times faster than a traditional rolling steel door. This faster operation produces energy savings and reduces employee wait times, ultimately saving your company money.
  • Exclusive 500,000 Cycle Warranty: The 9000 L and 9000 LH models have a direct-drive, springless design that enables us to include a 500,000-cycle warranty, ensuring the dependable, maintenance-free operation that forward-looking companies like yours desire.
  • Unique Solutions: Various company situations and applications necessitate distinct door solutions. Leveraging our expertise, we’ve crafted our doors to meet the specific needs of customers for many unique applications. These include parking garages, emergency services, retail automotive, warehouses, and much more.

Unique Features of Steel Roller Garage Doors from Steel Ranger™

  • Non-contact Protection: A light curtain (standard on 9000 L and LH models and optional on the LS) integrated with the guide tracks makes the door system less susceptible to damage. It also eliminates the need for additional protection devices such as a reversing edge and photo-eyes. This system provides added protection for personnel and vehicles, drastically reducing the likelihood of damage and saving on maintenance costs.
  • A Low Headroom (LH) Model Designed for Parking Garages: The 9000 LH low headroom track design meets the special requirements of parking garages. The door’s compact footprint allows for installation in areas with limited clearance around the door opening.
  • Insulated Decotherm® Slats: The galvanized, double-skinned sections with PU rigid foam infill provide a high level of thermal insulation. The exterior has fine Micrograin lines while the interior sections are Stucco-textured.
  • Springless Design: Because of the springless design of our doors, the compact aluminum guide tracks require a sideroom of only 4” for all door sizes. They’re installed quickly and easily, directly to the wall structure. The operator and bearing brackets require only 11” and 7” of sideroom clearance, respectively.

Door Warranties

The springless design enables us to include our 5 and 2 warranty, ensuring dependable operation with:

  • 5 years on motor/gearbox, excluding catch system.
  • 2 years on all other mechanical components.
  • 2 years on electrical components.

Commercial Steel Roll-Up Garage Doors – Commercial or Residential Installation

These are just a few of the great features of our springless garage doors for either commercial or residential properties. To learn more or to schedule an on-site estimate, give us a call today at Robert’s Garage Door Professionals, Chicagoland’s preeminent garage door installers.

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