Custom Garage Door


Service Area

Our business serves customers all over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

We have trucks every day passing through and around everywhere from Wisconsin to Indiana. Our main location is at:

2961 North Halsted St.
Chicago Il,

Our Technicians include:

Ben and Jack, My two brothers, could not run this business without them. Aaron, A college friend turned business partner. Been there since day 1! Jose and Teo, Also brothers, Absolute masters of the G.D. trade, been with me for 5 years.

George, A veteran of garage doors and a family man, Want’s to take all the hardest ones. Jon, I’ve known him since I was a kid. A G.D. genius, Gets a lot of good reviews for us. Mike, Mr. Reliable, An amazingly smart person and true G.D. professional.

I cannot say enough about any of these people that I have had the pleasure of working with.
We work as a strong team. I truly believe our team is the best around.

Find Roberts Garage Door Professionals near you.


Garage Door Repair is our game. Some people like tea in the morning, some people say cucumbers taste better pickled, Roberts Garage Door Professionals are passionate about servicing your garage door. Our technicians are happy to explain your garage door mechanism and how to maintain it. We want you to be blown away by our dedication to service above and beyond the call when it comes to your garage door repair. That is why all of our work comes with a warranty on parts and labor.

Did you know we also have the best prices on garage door installation as well? Thats right. No matter the scope of your garage door installation project, our family technicians deliver top quality installation services. Rarely will it occur that a garage door can be installed “out of the box.” Modifications to size, placement and even framing on the building structure can be required. Roberts has you covered. See why we are the best rated garage door installation company in the tri-state area.

If you need some one to have a look at your Chicago Garage Door give us a call today.

60000, Palatine, IL, Cook
60000, Palatine Impc, IL, Cook
60001, Alden, IL, Mchenry
60002, Antioch, IL, Lake
60004, Arlington Heights, IL, Cook
60005, Arlington Heights, IL, Cook
60006, Arlington Heights, IL, Cook
60007, Elk Grove Village, IL, Cook
60008, Rolling Meadows, IL, Cook
60009, Elk Grove Village, IL, Cook
60010, Barrington, IL, Lake
60010, Barrington Hills, IL, Lake
60010, Deer Park, IL, Lake
60010, Fox River Valley Gardens, IL, Lake
60010, Inverness, IL, Lake
60010, Lake Barrington, IL, Lake
60010, Lake Barrington Shores, IL, Lake
60010, North Barrington, IL, Lake
60010, South Barrington, IL, Lake
60010, Timber Lake, IL, Lake
60010, Tower Lakes, IL, Lake
60011, Barrington, IL, Lake
60012, Crystal Lake, IL, Mchenry
60012, Prairie Grove, IL, Mchenry
60012, Ridgefield, IL, Mchenry
60013, Cary, IL, Mchenry
60013, Oakwood Hills, IL, Mchenry
60014, Crystal Lake, IL, Mchenry
60014, Lakewood, IL, Mchenry
60014, Village Of Lakewood, IL, Mchenry
60015, Bannockburn, IL, Lake
60015, Deerfield, IL, Lake
60015, Riverwoods, IL, Lake
60016, Des Plaines, IL, Cook
60017, Des Plaines, IL, Cook
60018, Des Plaines, IL, Cook
60018, Rosemont, IL, Cook
60019, Des Plaines, IL, Cook
60019, Despl/Rsmt Bus Rply, IL, Cook
60019, Rosemont, IL, Cook
60020, Fox Lake, IL, Lake
60021, Barrington Hills, IL, Mchenry
60021, Fox River Grove, IL, Mchenry
60022, Glencoe, IL, Cook
60025, Glenview, IL, Cook
60026, Glenview, IL, Cook
60026, Glenview Nas, IL, Cook
60029, Golf, IL, Cook
60030, Gages Lake, IL, Lake
60030, Grayslake, IL, Lake
60030, Hainesville, IL, Lake
60030, Third Lake, IL, Lake
60030, Wildwood, IL, Lake
60031, Green Oaks, IL, Lake
60031, Gurnee, IL, Lake
60033, Harvard, IL, Mchenry
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60044, Knollwood, IL, Lake
60044, Lake Bluff, IL, Lake
60045, Lake Forest, IL, Lake
60045, Lincolnshire Woods, IL, Lake
60045, Mettawa, IL, Lake
60046, Chesney Shores, IL, Lake
60046, Fox Lake Hills, IL, Lake
60046, Lake Villa, IL, Lake
60046, Lindenhurst, IL, Lake
60046, Third Lake, IL, Lake
60046, West Miltmore, IL, Lake
60047, Forest Lake, IL, Lake
60047, Hawthorn Woods, IL, Lake
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60069, Long Grove, IL, Lake
60069, Prairie View, IL, Lake
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60501, Bedford Park, IL, Cook
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60501, Summit-Argo, IL, Cook
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60521, Oak Brook Mall, IL, Du Page
60521, Willowbrook, IL, Du Page
60522, Hinsdale, IL, Du Page
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60525, Burr Ridge, IL, Cook
60525, Countryside, IL, Cook
60525, Hodgkins, IL, Cook
60525, Indianhead Park, IL, Cook
60525, Indianhead Pk, IL, Cook
60525, La Grange, IL, Cook
60525, La Grange Hglnd, IL, Cook
60525, La Grange Highlands, IL, Cook
60525, La Grange Park, IL, Cook
60525, Mc Cook, IL, Cook
60526, Countryside, IL, Cook
60526, La Grange, IL, Cook
60526, World Of Beauty, IL, Cook
60530, Lee, IL, Lee
60531, Baker, IL, La Salle
60531, Leland, IL, La Salle
60532, Lisle, IL, Du Page
60534, Lyons, IL, Cook
60536, Millbrook, IL, Kendall
60537, Millington, IL, Kendall
60538, Boulder Hill, IL, Kane
60538, Montgomery, IL, Kane
60539, Batavia, IL, Kane
60539, Mooseheart, IL, Kane
60540, Naperville, IL, Du Page
60541, Helmar, IL, Kendall
60541, Lisbon, IL, Kendall
60541, Nettlecreek, IL, Kendall
60541, Newark, IL, Kendall
60542, North Aurora, IL, Kane
60543, Oswego, IL, Kendall
60544, Plainfield, IL, Will
60545, Little Rock, IL, Kendall
60545, Plano, IL, Kendall
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60546, Riverside, IL, Cook
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60549, Serena, IL, La Salle
60550, Shabbona, IL, De Kalb
60551, Norway, IL, La Salle
60551, Sheridan, IL, La Salle
60552, Somonauk, IL, De Kalb
60553, Scarboro, IL, Lee
60553, Steward, IL, Lee
60554, Sugar Grove, IL, Kane
60555, Warrenville, IL, Du Page
60556, Mcgirr, IL, De Kalb
60556, Waterman, IL, De Kalb
60557, Wedron, IL, La Salle
60558, Western Springs, IL, Cook
60559, Darien, IL, Du Page
60559, Westmont, IL, Du Page
60560, Plattville, IL, Kendall
60560, Yorkville, IL, Kendall
60561, Darien, IL, Du Page
60561, Westmont, IL, Du Page
60563, Naperville, IL, Du Page
60564, Naperville, IL, Du Page
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60600, Chgo, IL, Cook
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60602, Loop Station, IL, Cook
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60603, Loop Station, IL, Cook
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60604, Loop, IL, Cook
60604, Loop Station, IL, Cook
60605, Chicago, IL, Cook
60605, Loop Station, IL, Cook
60606, Chicago, IL, Cook
60606, Haymarket, IL, Cook
60606, Main Post Office, IL, Cook
60607, Chicago, IL, Cook
60607, Main Post Office, IL, Cook
60608, Chicago, IL, Cook
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60609, Chicago, IL, Cook
60609, Stock Yards, IL, Cook
60610, Chestnut Street, IL, Cook
60610, Chicago, IL, Cook
60610, Fort Dearborn, IL, Cook
60611, Chicago, IL, Cook
60611, Fort Dearborn, IL, Cook
60611, Ontario Street, IL, Cook
60612, Chicago, IL, Cook
60612, Midwest, IL, Cook
60613, Chicago, IL, Cook
60613, Lakeview, IL, Cook
60614, Chicago, IL, Cook
60614, Lincoln Park, IL, Cook
60615, Chicago, IL, Cook
60615, Hyde Park, IL, Cook
60616, Chicago, IL, Cook
60616, Twenty Second Street, IL, Cook
60617, Chicago, IL, Cook
60617, South Chicago, IL, Cook
60618, Chicago, IL, Cook
60618, Kedzie Grace, IL, Cook
60619, Chicago, IL, Cook
60619, Grand Crossing, IL, Cook
60620, Auburn Park, IL, Cook
60620, Chicago, IL, Cook
60621, Chicago, IL, Cook
60621, Englewood, IL, Cook
60622, Chicago, IL, Cook
60622, Wicker Park, IL, Cook
60623, Chicago, IL, Cook
60623, Hawthorne, IL, Cook
60624, Chicago, IL, Cook
60624, Garfield Park, IL, Cook
60625, Chicago, IL, Cook
60625, Ravenswood, IL, Cook
60626, Chicago, IL, Cook
60626, Rogers Park, IL, Cook
60627, Chicago, IL, Cook
60627, Ivanhoe, IL, Cook
60627, Riverdale, IL, Cook
60628, Chicago, IL, Cook
60628, Roseland, IL, Cook
60629, Chicago, IL, Cook
60629, Chicago Lawn, IL, Cook
60630, Chicago, IL, Cook
60630, Jefferson, IL, Cook
60630, Jefferson Park, IL, Cook
60631, Chicago, IL, Cook
60631, Norwood Park, IL, Cook
60632, Chicago, IL, Cook
60632, Elsdon, IL, Cook
60633, Burnham, IL, Cook
60633, Chicago, IL, Cook
60633, Hegewisch, IL, Cook
60634, Chicago, IL, Cook
60634, Dunning, IL, Cook
60634, Norridge, IL, Cook
60635, Chicago, IL, Cook
60635, Elmwood Park, IL, Cook
60636, Chicago, IL, Cook
60636, Ogden Park, IL, Cook
60637, Chicago, IL, Cook
60637, Jackson Park, IL, Cook
60638, Bedford Park, IL, Cook
60638, Chicago, IL, Cook
60638, Clearing, IL, Cook
60639, Chicago, IL, Cook
60639, Cragin, IL, Cook
60640, Chicago, IL, Cook
60641, Chicago, IL, Cook
60641, Irving Park, IL, Cook
60642, Chicago, IL, Cook
60642, Evergreen Park, IL, Cook
60642, Evergreen Pk, IL, Cook
60643, Calumet Park, IL, Cook
60643, Chicago, IL, Cook
60643, Morgan Park, IL, Cook
60644, Austin, IL, Cook
60644, Chicago, IL, Cook
60645, Chicago, IL, Cook
60645, Lincolnwood, IL, Cook
60645, North Town, IL, Cook
60646, Chicago, IL, Cook
60646, Edgebrook, IL, Cook
60646, Lincolnwood, IL, Cook
60647, Chicago, IL, Cook
60647, Logan Square, IL, Cook
60649, Chicago, IL, Cook
60649, South Shore, IL, Cook
60650, Chicago, IL, Cook
60650, Cicero, IL, Cook
60651, Chicago, IL, Cook
60651, Division Street, IL, Cook
60652, Ashburn Park, IL, Cook
60652, Chicago, IL, Cook
60653, Chicago, IL, Cook
60653, Hyde Park, IL, Cook
60654, Chicago, IL, Cook
60654, Merchandise Mart, IL, Cook
60655, Chicago, IL, Cook
60655, Merrionette Park, IL, Cook
60655, Mount Greenwood, IL, Cook
60656, Chicago, IL, Cook
60656, Harwood Heights, IL, Cook
60656, Norridge, IL, Cook
60657, Chicago, IL, Cook
60657, Graceland, IL, Cook
60658, Alsip, IL, Cook
60658, Chicago, IL, Cook
60659, Chicago, IL, Cook
60659, Lincolnwood, IL, Cook
60659, Northtown, IL, Cook
60660, Chicago, IL, Cook
60660, Rogers Park, IL, Cook
60661, Chicago, IL, Cook
60663, Ameritech, IL, Cook
60663, Chicago, IL, Cook
60664, Chicago, IL, Cook
60664, State Of Il, IL, Cook
60665, Ameritech, IL, Cook
60665, Chicago, IL, Cook
60666, Amf Ohare, IL, Cook
60666, Chicago, IL, Cook
60667, Chicago, IL, Cook
60667, Spiegel Inc, IL, Cook
60668, Chicago, IL, Cook
60668, Commonwealth Edison, IL, Cook
60669, Chicago, IL, Cook
60669, Div Of Postal Inspectors, IL, Cook
60670, Chicago, IL, Cook
60670, First National Bank, IL, Cook
60671, Chicago, IL, Cook
60671, Montgomery Ward, IL, Cook
60672, Bar Code, IL, Cook
60672, Chicago, IL, Cook
60673, Chicago, IL, Cook
60673, First National Bank, IL, Cook
60674, Chicago, IL, Cook
60674, Lasalle National Bank, IL, Cook
60675, Chicago, IL, Cook
60675, Northern Trust Co, IL, Cook
60678, American National Bank, IL, Cook
60678, Chicago, IL, Cook
60679, American Express, IL, Cook
60679, Chicago, IL, Cook
60680, Chicago, IL, Cook
60681, Chicago, IL, Cook
60684, Chicago, IL, Cook
60684, Sears Tower, IL, Cook
60685, Chicago, IL, Cook
60685, Cont Assurance Co, IL, Cook
60687, Chicago, IL, Cook
60687, Peoples Gas Light And Coke, IL, Cook
60690, Chicago, IL, Cook
60691, Chicago, IL, Cook
60693, Chicago, IL, Cook
60693, Continental Bank, IL, Cook
60694, Chicago, IL, Cook
60694, Harris Bank, IL, Cook
60697, Chicago, IL, Cook
60697, Continental Bank, IL, Cook
60698, Chicago, IL, Cook
60698, Rates And Classification, IL, Cook
60699, Area Office, IL, Cook
60699, Chicago, IL, Cook
60699, Regional Office, IL, Cook
60701, Chicago, IL, Cook
60701, Irving Park Rd P&D Center, IL, Cook
60714, Niles, IL, Cook
60799, Chicago, IL, Cook
60799, Chicago Bmc, IL, Cook

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