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Garage Door Repair Superhero and Lifesaver Chicago

Published on July 21st, 2010

Robbie is the superhero of garage door repairs. Really, he’s a lifesaver!

The garage in our condo building suffered a traumatic and ugly incident. Said incident involved a meeting gone wrong between a valet driver next door, his Jeep, and our garage door. Upon impact, the garage door had flown up in the air, off of the rollers, and was mangled and left dangling. We ended up with an unwelcome Jeep in our garage. This happened late at night, while as condo association President I was already unhappy and inconvenienced by having the flu.

The following morning I called Robbie and he was there within a couple of hours. While the garage door was a mess and needed replacement, we needed to figure out what to do about it until the new door came in as we needed a special order door for a size that no one stocks. I took a few hours to get some more estimates, and Robbie had the best price, warranty, and solution for a temporary fix. Yay!

HHe came back later that day to do the temporary fix while awaiting our new garage door. He managed to flatten out the door, put the rollers back on AND hooked it up to the opener! It was an amazing transformation and no one in our building could believe he got it functioning again. All 8 units in our building were able to use the opener and we didn’t have to worry about garage break ins. It was such a relief!

Our new door came in within 10 days and was absolutely perfect. Before the garage door incident, we’d been having a problem with the sensors on the opener causing the garage to pop up after the door was closed. Our other repairman was unable to fix it, but Robbie fixed it! It was nice to have two issues taken care of for the price of one.

On another note, Robbie is a young guy in his late twenties, but has excellent experience, complemented with the work ethic beyond those twice his age. He has great people skills too, which made him pleasure to work with. We will be using him for all of our garage door/opener issues, and I’ve even referred him to the other condo associations on our street. I’ve attached the before and after pictures so you can see his work. Keep up the good work Robbie!

Keri H.
Chicago, IL

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