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Published on February 25th, 2020

When you live in one of Chicago’s northern suburbs, like Evanston, garage door replacement may be the first step to better garage security. After all, if your garage door is broken down, it may be an easy task for burglars to break into your garage. However, just because you have a brand-new garage door, don’t assume the bad guys are locked out once you close the overhead garage door. Although this assumption is mostly correct, especially when the door is connected to an opener, there are ways to improve security.

Prevent Fishing

Fishing is the term given to a method of disconnecting the door from the opener. Because every door must have an emergency release to disconnect the door from the opener in case the opener malfunctions, criminals have found a way to take advantage of this essential feature.

First, they push in on the door to create a gap at the top where they can “fish” for the release mechanism with a long wire hook. Although not exactly an easy thing to do, some releases are easier than others. A mechanism that works when pulled straight down rather than on an angle toward the door, is the most secure. Also, if there is a window in the door, it makes it easier for the crook, since he can visualize what he’s doing.

Garage Door Monitors and Closers

If you forget to close your door, it will undermine any type of security the door provides. Installing a garage door monitor will help solve this problem. Simply stick the sensor to the door and set the monitor in a conspicuous place so you will see when the door is left open. An automatic door closer provides even more security, as the sensor will trigger the door to close automatically, whether you’re home or not.

The Service Door

The service door, or walk-through entry door, is the weakest point in garage security on most garages. It’s important to install a deadbolt lock with a heavy-duty strike plate, as you would on any entry door to your home. Additionally, if you have an attached garage, never depend on the service door alone—always lock the entry door that leads to your house as well.

Evanston Garage Door Replacement

If you feel your garage door is not providing enough security, call on our team of experienced technicians to install a quality garage door that will provide the security you need, while beautifying your garage too!

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