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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Published on March 25th, 2020

Now that it’s time to think about spring cleaning, a great place to start is your garage. Of course, the primary purpose of your garage is to store your vehicles, however, the garage has also become an accepted location for house storage as well. So the goal of spring cleaning should be to make room for both! If you notice your door isn’t working its best, reach out to us for garage door service near Berwyn.

De-Junk and Sort

Begin by de-junking, in other words, gather any unneeded items together into appropriate piles (i.e. donate, toss, yard sale, keep). Then sort all the items you’ve chosen to keep by putting them in logical categories. Return any ‘keep’ items to the storage receptacles they came out of; if you need more space, try using empty shoe boxes or picking up some new bins.

Tool, Bike, and Scooter Storage

It’s always best to keep the garage floor clear of clutter. Therefore, you might want to invest in a few hooks and holders that can be utilized for storing shovels, rakes, brooms, and other tools that call your garage home. You can store scooters and bikes this way as well. Just make sure to purchase the correct hooks and holders for each item to ensure it doesn’t come crashing down on your car (or your head).

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much room this frees up, and it’s better for your bike tires too. If you’re not worried about your floor space, and you’re more concerned with keeping the bikes accessible to your kids, try putting together a DIY bike rack using PVC pipe or 2x4s.

Garage Door Service Near Berwyn

Now that you’ve got a neat garage, clean the floor thoroughly and you’ll have a sparkling clean one too! Also, if your garage door needs to be replaced, now is the perfect time to call Roberts Garage Doors, the premium garage door service near Berwyn.

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