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When to Fix a Garage Door Yourself and When to Hire a Professional

Published on July 31st, 2020

A dysfunctional garage door can cause many problems. From being very loud, to not protecting your belongings from being stolen, you want your garage door to close consistently and quietly. Certain issues can be fixed with simple remedies, whereas some garage door repairs in Chicago are more complicated and need an expert.

Do It Yourself

Bolts, Hinges, and Nuts – A simple solution for a rattling door is to tighten the small pieces holding your door together.

Lubrication – If your door does not have proper lubrication as it opens and closes, it may creak and could lead to worse problems with your door. Buy a garage door-specific brand of lubricant and grease up the folds and connections of your door.

Sensor and Remote Batteries – If your door is not closing or opening when you click your remote or walk on the sensor line, you can start by replacing the batteries in your remote. Next, if you notice there is a lot of dust on the sensor on the bottom of your garage door, clean the dust off and see if the door closes better.

Call A Pro

Tracks – If your door’s tracks are jammed with debris or are off center, you should be very careful. The tracks are what keeps your door up and attempting to fix it yourself could cause the door to come crashing down on you. Call a pro.

Springs – Springs are very dangerous and trying to fix them yourself could lead to you losing a finger! Call a pro.

Openers – Garage door openers are high-tech and complicated to fix. Call a pro.

Need a Garage Door Repair in Chicago?

Garage door issues can be both annoying and dangerous. There are some problems that can be easily fixed yourself. However, if your garage door repair in Chicago needs a professional touch, give Robert’s Garage Door Professionals a call at 773-906-1556.

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