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Why Does My Garage Smell Like Gas?

Published on June 2nd, 2020

There are a few potential sources causing your garage to smell like gasoline. The most obvious of these is your car – followed by scooters, home landscaping tools like lawnmowers, as well as gas containers.

Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Scooters

Check underneath your car’s trunk (where the gas tank is usually located) and look for telltale signs of a leak. Run you hand over the tank as well as the pipe that runs up to the gas cap checking for dampness. The smell of gas should be stronger underneath the vehicle if it’s the source of the odor. Check the gas tanks on any other motor vehicles stored in your garage including scooters and motorcycles. Never attempt to fix a gas leak yourself – always take your car to the dealership or your mechanic for repair.

Landscaping Tools

Trimmers and lawn mowers have gasoline in their carburetor and gas lines that run from the tank as well as the tank itself. First, check to make sure your trimmer isn’t lying on its side or hung up in a way that it’s not level. Next wipe down your gasoline tools and leave them outside of the garage overnight if possible. If the garage doesn’t smell like gas the next morning, you probably have a leak in your mower or trimmer. Take it to an authorized dealer for repair.

Gas Containers

Most gas containers, the red ones used to fill your lawn tools, have vents to make it easier to pour. Check your vents to make sure they aren’t remaining open.

Spills and Lingering Odors

Remember that removing the source of the gasoline odor will not remove the smell right away. Because your floor can hold a good amount of gasoline for quite a while, it can take days or even weeks for the smell to disappear. If you have an attached garage and the odor is leaking into your home, use a solvent to clean the floor.

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