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Replacement of Garage Door Openers by Robert’s Garage Door Professionals

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If you’ve never had a garage door opener, or if you want to upgrade from your current model, the company to call for expert garage door opener replacement service in Chicago is Robert’s Garage Door Professionals.

Partners with Liftmaster

While our highly trained and qualified technicians can install or repair any make or model of garage door opener, at Robert’s we’re convinced that Liftmaster produces the highest quality and the quietest operating garage door openers available today.

We have built our reputation on providing our customers the very highest quality equipment and service, and our partnership with Liftmaster helps us maintain that reputation.

For good measure, all Liftmaster garage door openers are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Our Most Popular Liftmaster Models

When it comes to the installation of a garage door opener, your choices are almost infinite. Over the years, however, we’ve found that the two most popular high quality models we sell and install are the Liftmaster 8165W and the Liftmaster 87504.

Liftmaster 8165W

This is our most popular model, known for its economy and reliability. The main features of the 8165W include:

  • A ½ horsepower motor with an average operation expectancy of about 15 years.
  • A chain drive mechanism that runs very quietly, though it’s not completely silent.

At Robert’s we believe that the 8165W is an excellent choice for detached garages where reliability, security, safety, and costs are primary concerns.

While this model does not have all the added “bells and whistles” of some of the more expensive models, it’s strong enough to operate virtually any overhead door. And it will give you many years of excellent service.

Liftmaster 87504

This is a our second most popular Liftmaster model, and some of its features include:

  • A powerful DC belt driven motor that operates silently with very little vibration.
  • 360 degree LED lighting spreads uniform light throughout the garage. Motion sensor built into the wall button ensures the light comes on when you enter the garage.
  • Dedicated smart phone app, MyQ, gives you remote control and allows you to open and close your garage door from literally anywhere in the world.
  • Built in camera with two way audio allows you to monitor your garage from the app.
  • A battery backup system that enables the door opener to operate for approximately a week when power has been lost.
  • An auto-close timer that can be adjusted or deactivated from the wall button.

In terms of additional features, when set in motion the 87504 begins operating slowly with high torque and speeds up once the door has gained momentum. This feature reduces strain on the motor and gears, while also reducing noise and vibration.

Finally, a wall-mounted digital display station can quickly detect problems and abnormalities and provide instructions on how to fix them.

Call Robert’s Garage Door Professionals for Garage Door Opener Installation

When it’s time to install a new garage door opener, or when you need garage door opener repair, the only name in Chicago you need to remember is Robert’s Garage Door Professionals.

Our highly qualified installation technicians are available for same-day or next-day installation. We’ll be glad to provide you with an onsite estimate and help you find the garage door opener that best fits your needs and your budget.

Please don’t delay. Call us at 312-933-1556 to schedule your appointment with Robert’s Garage Door Professionals.

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